Heart-shaped cookies on display at Granville Island in Vancouver 2018. - photo by Faye Bayko

Six and the City 20 – Wrap-up

Six and the City, Series 1, Column 20, a of the summary (part 1) of the lessons learned during the six-month challenge to find true love. Originally published in the Red Deer LIFE newspaper on October 31, 2004.

Theresa and Steve Rickard

Six and the City 2 – Bedtime Story

The was the first in a series of Bedtime Stories that accompanied every second Six and the City column. These real-life stories of local couples remind us love is possible for all of us.

Treasure mapping for love - photo by Faye Bayko

Six and the City 2 – Going on a treasure hunt

With scissors and glue five women cut and pasted images of men that best represented the qualities they were looking for into scribblers. These would be their guide posts over the next six months as they searched for the treasure of love.

Sculpture of dancing couply by Jack E. Kreutzer was on display in Sidney, BC.

Six and the City 11 – Dating in your 60s

Dating in your 60s is marked by spiritual growth. The challenge is being able to remove your focus from the future, or the passage of time, and focus on the present where you discover the joy of staying in the moment.