Welcome to my site.  I’ve taken the year off (2018) to complete my first novel in The Wickaninnish Inn Mystery series as well as a non-fiction companion book. I made the decision to redesign my site earlier this year but have not had a chance to update it consistently. However, you’ll find samples of my past freelance work as well as some stories written specifically for this site.

I the new year (2019) I will be in a position to build my social media presence. If you find a problem with this site, please contact me: info@fayebayko.ca

Articles – A sample of stories covering a variety of topics. I have republished some older stories because I am looking at doing updates on the topic in the new year.

Editorials – My soap-box.

Traveling Blind – A love story series that examines how the special needs of one partner impacts how the needs of the other are realized, or not.

China Curious – A short series based on my trip to China in 2016. Coming in the new year.

Scars – A three-part series on how our physical scars reveal our internal struggles. Coming in the new year.

LuvEvolution – A look at love in the modern world.

Six and the City – Samples of a dating column I wrote for the Red Deer Advocate, Sunday edition, between 2004 and 2006.  The column series followed five women and five men, each representing a dating decade (20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s), and how their age and sex impacted their search for love. I republished these columns as a lead in to a future memoir based on this experience.

Book projects – I am in the middle of two book projects: one fiction, one non-fiction.