Perspectives: Protecting our future generations

A young couple hold hands as they walk together.

I’m getting tired of all this trash talk about men. I hear it in the movies. I hear it in coffeeshops. I hear it at family gatherings. It spills forth and contaminates.

To be clear, the MeToo movement hasn’t made women stronger, it’s made them the new bullies on the block. If a man said the things I’ve heard come out of this generation of women’s mouths especially in front of a female child, there would’ve be an uproar from the community. But, for some reason, we’ve allowed the formation of a thug mentality in which putting men down in public, and, yes, even in front of our sons, has not only become accepted, but encouraged. That’s bullying in overdrive. And it needs to be stopped.

I don’t want to hear another story of how a woman gave in to the demands of a casting couch (whatever the profession) then cried ‘Wolf’ thirty years later. I want to hear from women who said ‘No’ to the casting couch and moved on with their lives, wherever that took them. I want to hear from any women who told the man attempting to maul her to take a hike and walked away. I want to hear from women, and men, who survived an attack and didn’t let themselves identify as a victim or allow it to keep them from enjoying their life. I want to hear from women who’ve found a good man and are cherishing them. I want to hear from the women who are raising their sons with kindness and respect. They’re the unsung heroes. They’re the hope of the future.

The men who are struggling to thrive under this new oppressive order are also unsung heroes. They need to be appreciated and encouraged, allowed to find their feet and meet their goals. I don’t care if they’re white, yellow, black or green with pink polka dots. They’re human beings who deserve to be respected, just as past, true women’s movements asked that women be respected as humans beings.

We need to learn from history and stop going around on this ridiculous abuse cycle. Victims do NOT have to become the new bullies. Victimhood is an attitude, not an excuse to inflict pain on others in the name of ‘Justice’. Nor should it be seen as courageous. It takes no courage or intelligence to repeat a cycle of abuse. That’s a coward’s game.

The future does NOT belong to women, but to the joint partnerships of women and men, no matter how they identify.

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Faye Bayko
I am a writer and photographer currently working out of Port Alberni, BC.